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Who am I you will ask yourself?

I am a 58 year old man, living in Denmark with my beautiful wife from Brazil and two of her boys here.
I try to get my self a work doing this, because I have found it very hard indeed to find a real job after I turned 50 years old. So now I want to make a little business out of helping others with new technology and computers and especially people who has turned 50 and need help to get started. So if you are interested the let’s get a community started where we all help each other out and treat everyone warm and nicely without any negativity. Welcome to all who wants to join me on this journey. Simply just fill out the member and


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Contact us using the e-mail address under this if you have any questions. We can help with courses, education and how to use the basics on computers, communication, Social Media & Live-streaming. Look forward to welcome you to our new exiting community here

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Call us at: +45 21428402

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